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Ever been searching for a beauty product and found yourself typing, "Blah blah eye shadow on blah blah skin tone." It's a tiring process that usually involves so much searching that you look up and suddenly you're on page 16 of gold eye shadow photos. 

It takes up unnecessary time and is real-life irritating. Well, Pinterest is taking the pain out of beauty with its brand-new skin-tone filter. It makes finding your ideal product, hair color, etc., that much easier, and people are loving it so far.

We see you, Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a wonderful place, truly.

It's literally like being a kid in a candy store. Everything you can desire is at your fingertips. From makeup to hair inspiration to recipes, there's very little you can't find on Pinterest. 

But when it comes to sorting through thousands of photos to find your skin tone, the struggle ensues, especially if you're a person of color.

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Who has time to search 100,000 photos of white women wearing red lipstick? Like really?

But now, thanks to a new and inclusive feature, those problems are a thing of the past. 

Pinterest rolled out a skin tone feature that makes it easier to narrow down beauty content that's relatable to the user.

The shade finder brings new meaning to inclusivity on social media.

Because let's be real, if you were to search "brown hair" before, chances are non-WOC would be the first (and sometimes only) people to pop up.

So if you wanted to know what gold eye shadow would look like on you ...

The four skin tone categories span every skin tone out there.

Or if you should go blonde ...

There are no limits to what you can search. 

Pinterest users took to Twitter to express their excitement.

"The algorithm is still far from perfect, but even in its current state, it significantly enhances user experience!"

"Round of applause for Pinterest who now allows you to search by different skin tone ranges."

We're clapping right along with you. 

"Wow Pinterest is my FAVORITE app of ALL TIME."

Not sure if it's taken the crown for us, but now the race is pretty damn close. 

"I can finally find makeup tips and inspo from photos that have my similar skin tone."

A nude lipstick for me might not be a nude for you. 

"They heard our complaints."

Now we just need Instagram to follow suit. We're sick of begging for a new algorithm.

"God bless you Pinterest."

No, but literally. It's about time. 

Beauty looks are now so easy to find.

"Pinterest has a tool that allows you to select your skin tone when you search beauty related things :)"

Finding inspiration for makeup is a whole lot easier now. No more clicking from page to page or typing "... on X skin tone" when searching. 

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Go take it for a spin. We promise, you'll love it.