Glamlite Cosmetics Pizza Lashes
photo: Courtesy of Glamlite Cosmetics

At this point, we're pretty used to cartoon-inspired makeup launches. There's practically one every week, and we fall in love with the super-fun packaging every time. It's not every day, however, that there's a food-inspired makeup release.

But now the beauty brand that brought us that super viral pizza palette is staying on brand with pizza-inspired lashes. Each lash set is modeled after some of our favorite pizza combos, and they'll simultaneously make you swoon in excitement and crave a deep-dish. We have to admit we were pretty hesitant at first, but these are GOOD. 

Ask most people what their favorite food is, and their answer is probably one thing.

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Pizza. Because who doesn't love bread covered in cheese? There are so many variations, so many topping combinations, and it's both easy to make and easy to find. 

Gisselle Hernandez, founder of Glamlite Cosmetics, is one of those people. The makeup obsessive who's equally obsessed with pizza has combined her love for the two with her original products.

"This was honestly one of the best days of my life," she shared on Instagram. "Anyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with pizza. Sitting in a pizza room while wearing a pizza outfit and shooting the images for the world's first pizza inspired makeup product was truly my biggest dream come true."

For her, pizza is much more than a food.

"[Launching the pizza palette] was one of the most liberating experiences, because I could finally be myself. I no longer had to hide. I've struggled with my weight my entire life and in that very moment, I didn't care what people would think about me. I was happy and that's all that truly mattered to me. #pizza"

And when she first released the viral pizza palette earlier this year, people went crazy. It sold out within days.

"I've received so many messages asking 'what made you make the Pizza Palette?' It's true, the palette is completely different, out of the box and definitely stands out from everything out there, but that wasn't the main reason I developed it. I have spent my entire life always feeling like I had to hide, thinking I wasn't good enough for others," she wrote.

Even Cardi B was spotted wearing the pizza shadows. 

"Here are the colors I used on cardi from the new @glamlite pizza #palette ! I added some glitter to her lids because it looks amazing on stage and on the big screen." 

Well, now there's another pizza-inspired release, and this time it's false eyelashes.

"Introducing our LIMITED EDITION PIZZA LASHES launching on 2.6.19! These high quality synthetic silk lashes are cruelty free, vegan and reusable up to 15 times."

And before you ask, no they're not embellished with tiny pepperonis. 

They come in five super-glamorous styles: Chicago Deep Dish, Sicilian, Hawaiian, Brooklyn Style, and Margherita. 

The lashes, which retail for $12 each, are almost sold out after just two days, so you'd better act fact if you want 'em.

"WE ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT!!! Thank you all for the support and love you have given our Pizza lashes. These were created as a limited-edition product for the month of February and we never imagined they would sell out this fast."

Sicilian ($12, Glamlite Cosmetics)

These voluminous lashes with two distinctive lengths are for those ladies who aim for length over volume. 

Margherita ($12, Glamlite Cosmetics)

These super fluffy, dramatic falsies are guaranteed to transform your eyes. 

Hawaiian ($12, Glamlite Cosmetics)

These lashes are guaranteed to turn heads — everyone, with these super-voluminous AND super-long falsies. 

Brooklyn Style ($12, Glamlite Cosmetics)

For those who want a simple lash that still transforms the eye, this is for you. 

Chicago Deep Dish ($12, Glamlite Cosmetics)

The name is appropriate — these are the lashes with the most amped-up drama! 

So, which ones will you be getting?

photo: Giphy

We're sold on every single pair. Plus, the fact that they all remind us of one of our favorite foods isn't too bad, either. 

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