Beauty YouTuber Raw Beauty Kristi just gave a brutally honest review of Instagram's most viral pressed glitter palette. 

As "over it" as so much of the beauty community seems to be with the many glitter makeup releases, people still seem VERY curious about the possibility offered by this particular palette: allegedly, glitter makeup with zero fall out

But are they worth the price and the swatchless online shopping gamble? Kristi tested the most popular pressed glitter palette online to find out — and made some REALLY strange discoveries.

Raw Beauty Kristi got this Holy Grail pressed glitter palette ($30, Spoiled Cosmetics) directly from the brand as PR gift. 

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"I am iffy because I don’t know about pressed glitters," she said during her review

"Pressed glitters can a lot of times look like they’re going to be so pigmented," she said. "Then when you go to put them on, they’re really sparse.” 

The finger dip is so deceiving but the swatch shows how they REALLY spread.

And then she went ahead and spilled that TEA.

First, she noted that Spoiled Lips Cosmetics and Cleof Cosmetics are selling the SAME glitter palette— but there's so much more to the story than even Kristi seemed to know.

gliter palettes
photo: Revelist

One of these palettes is exactly like every other, down to the packaging.

From left to right, these triplet palettes are the Waterproof Pressed Glitter ($29.95, Cleof Cosmetics), the Holy Grail palette ($30, Spoiled Lips) and the Bomb Dot com palette ($36.56, Jolie Beauty). 

That's right — none of these brands have an exclusively made product. Something which nobody else seemed to have noticed.

On the bright side, Kristi loved how the glitter applied and spread on her eye lid. 

"These were pretty easy to use," she said. "I was not expecting them to be able to go on my eye with a brush the way they did and they did."

Raw Beauty Kristi also noticed an even bigger problem after applying the pressed glitter palette: REALLY painful fallout!

"This eye is really irritated, I have specks of glitter in it," she said. "Some of this glitter is falling out into my eye. It hurts. I can feel it. I hope this is cosmetic grade glitter." 

There you have it: Pressed glitter is not a 100% fallout destroyer so you still have to use these beloved palettes with caution.

photo: Giphy

It's a complicated world out in these glitter makeup streets. Stay woke and proceed to your carts with caution!

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