PUR 4-in-1 Foundation
photo: Courtesy of PUR Cosmetics

We've seen some pretty large foundation shade ranges recently. However, when we say large, we're generally referencing about 40 to 50 colors, right? Well, what if we told you that a brand just doubled that number and did it the right way? 

Yep, we can thank PÜR for the largest assortment of foundations our beauty-obsessed selves have ever laid eyes on. The formulation and colors are well thought through, provide insane coverage, and conceal blemishes flawlessly. 

And though we won't stress you with 100 slides, we will give you the full rundown on everything you need to know about the new, exciting release. 

The beauty experts at PÜR Cosmetics have done it again. 

But this time, they're making history with its expansive foundation line. "ATTENTION PUR BEAUTIES Meet our NEW 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation & Concealer. This vegan-friendly foundation is fragrance-free and full of skincare ingredients, like blue light defense and our proprietary technology for a beautiful complexion long after the makeup comes off! And did we mention it comes in 100 shades?!" the brand shared on Instagram.  

The selfie-proof foundation is exactly what you need to be filter-free.

"It's time to start loving your selfie" is PÜR's motto for the brand new launch and campaign. The 4-in-1 formula both covers blemishes and improves complexion all in one.  

And it wouldn't be like PÜR if there weren't important skin-care agents incorporated into the formula. 

"100 Shades of Clean, Skincare-infused Beauty. 5 skin tone categories and 3 universally recognized undertone categories. It's time to start loving your selfie!" the brand shared. 

The enormous range is nothing short of incredible. 

With a whopping 100 shades, the first question we asked is "How?" and the second: "Was there actual thought placed into this foundation?" Well, folks, the answer to that question is yes. With carefully considered undertones and close attention to matching, you won't be disappointed in this massive range like you have been with other recent foundation launches. 

We also had one other very important question. 

How, in a sea of foundation, would we find our shade? 

Don't worry, the website has you covered. 

PUR 4-in-1 foundation
photo: PÜR Cosmetics

You can choose your perfect match from shades consisting of cool (pink), neutral, and warm (gold) undertones. The site not only references your particular shade, but also the shades closest to you to cross-reference. 

And each shade comes with a detailed description.

PÜR 4-in-1 foundation
photo: PÜR Cosmetics

Not only does it include the shade name, it also includes the appropriate skin tone and undertones. Making the seemingly overwhelming undertaking that much easier. 

There's even an entire Instagram dedicated to helping you find your perfect shade. 

PÜR Foundation Shade Finder
photo: Instagram/PurShadeFinder

The page of completely non-retouched photos features all 100 shades on 100 different models and highlights each undertone.

And while we're shocked by the huge shade range, we saw a foundation coming.

"Coming soon 4/19/19," posted the brand a few days ahead of the launch.  

It's time to love your complexion. 

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The record-breaking foundation is available now on PÜR's website. Check it out for yourself and find your shade!