It's not rare to look at our favorite celebrities and wonder, "Goodness, how do they get that great skin?" And sometimes, we're lucky enough to get the answer. In this case, it's Rachel Lindsay, the Bachelorette star who captured all of our hearts. Surprisingly, the brand she swears by is so affordable. 

Ahead, check out the Found Beauty must-haves that Lindsay loves. 

Rachel Lindsay has found a beauty brand that she absolutely cannot live without. 

The Bachelorette star partnered with Found Beauty, and she can't get enough. "I'm so excited to partner with @discoverfound and show you how important natural beauty is to my life," she wrote on her Instagram page. "My life is largely founded on balance because between work and life it is so important that I maintain a balance with my health and wellness. Check out my stories today to shop my favorite found products, and let me know what your life is founded on below!"

So ahead, check out some of those products that she's loving, and where you can find it. 

Three Lime Blend Face Serum ($10.99, Found)

A natural fruit acid serum is a gentle exfoliant for the skin. The lime lifts away dead skin cells while vitamin C brightens to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone. 

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Murumuru Balm-To-Oil Hair Mask ($3, Found)

This transformative hair mask is a savior for dry and overprocessed hair. It's blended with murumuru butter and babassu oil for a balm to oil mask that rehabs strands.

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Red Clay Facial Mask Stick ($12.99, Found)

photo: Found

This purifying cleansing stick clarifies oily and overprocessed skin. Formulated with red clay, its miniature size makes it easy for an on-the-go look. 

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White Clay Mattifying Powder ($12.99, Found)

This convenient brush makes for mattifying throughout the day easy as ever. The translucent powder looks incredible on any skin tone. 

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Exfoliating Lip Scrub ($9.99, Found)

This lip scrub makes skin soft and smooth. Poppy Seed takes off dry skin, revealing a clear and smooth pout. 

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24k Gold Primer ($11.99, Found)

Infused with 24K gold, this lightweight, serum primer lays marvelously under makeup, keeping your cosmetics on all day long. 

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Chia Seed Oil Leave-In Conditioner ($8.99, Found)

This lightweight, leave-in conditioning cream, filled with chia seed oil and coconut oil, softens hair and boosts manageability. 

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Jasmine Calming Face Wipes ($5.99, Found)

These wipes gently cleanse and refresh skin with jasmine and sea buckthorn fruit extract.

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