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All in all, the internet is confused as to how Charles can feel comfortable with such heavy editing after being at the center of so many other controversies.

James Charles Photoshop Reddit Comment
photo: Reddit
"Somebody mentioned that James mirrored this look in the thread relating to the other look he mirrored. Not only has he mirrored the eyes in this (if you zoom in closely you can see the similarities in eyelashes) but his hair is black and so are his eyebrows (and I remembering getting really annoyed while watching the video that he left his eyebrows brown) so he's obviously used a filter. 
"A lot of the scandals James has gone through have been let sister slide but I don't understand why and how he thinks it is okay to fake this sort of thing. Why is this being recognised when there are many more talented people out there who don't feel the need to falsify their makeup skills. I'm sister sick of it."