In case you haven't been glued to social media, Rihanna is in FULL Fenty Beauty season right now — and she's dropping surprise product news left and right.

While you were fawning over the three new lipstick colors she teased last week, Rih was confirming the next big Fenty product to a fan via Instagram.

One Fenty fan (who goes by the Twitter handle @RidingOnDMetro) slid into Rihanna's DMs to show off his Fenty Face — and got the response of his dreams.

"Biiitch Fenty Beauty got me SNATCHED," he wrote to Rihanna. "That cheekbone Contour tho. You save lives mom." 

Rihanna responded with a sweet heart. *faints*

So he decided to probe Rihanna for a Fenty Beauty scoop — because why not?

"Are you planning on doing eyebrow gels? I'd gag for one," he asked. "I live for a Brooke Shields Blue Lagoon moment."

And Rihanna came through with THE DEETS! 

"You know we building the illest eyebrow situation," she wrote back.

"Bitch. Take all my money. You been taking my coin since 2007 and I'm not mad at it," he wrote back.

photo: Giphy
SAME, though!!!

Let's all hope this "eyebrow situation" is complete with bomb pencils, gels and more adorable tutorials from Queen Rihanna herself!