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Rihanna also revealed a new pastel Killawatt compact!

One side of the Killawatt compact has a pearly champagne shade while the other is a super light pastel blue.

Check out how seriously luminous that champagne hue is on Rihanna's cheeks. 

If the money gold Trophy Wife ($34, Fenty Beauty) was any indication, Rih's love for highlight is unapologetic and unconditional.

"I can get really carried away when it comes to highlight," she said as she layered on this new shade in the tutorial.

"The key to highlighter is not being afraid of it."

And Rihanna loves highlighter so much, she's also dropping this highlighter stick!


Rihanna used this highlighter stick to add shimmer to her inner tear duct. 

The actual highlighter product is on the opposite side of the packaging and separated by that gold mid-section, which mean this baby is dual-ended! 

Here's another zoomed-in shot of this highlighter stick and it has one more clue.

In a quick second, Rihanna's hidden hand pops into the frame and we can get a peep of the missing end of the highlighter stick.

Once again, Rihanna proves why she's the reigning queen of multi-task makeup!

When we put one and one together, this is what the full product will look like!

The dual-ended highlighter stick seems to have one rose gold end, and one pearly white gold end!

The wig snatch didn't stop there. Rihanna then revealed a new Fenty Beauty lip gloss that performs a color trick!

Fenty freaking Beauty.

Check out how the lipstick looks in the packaging versus how it spread out across Rih's lips.


In the words of Rihanna herself, "hold ya wigs" lest they be SNATCHED.

photo: Giphy

New Fenty Beauty in gorgeous colors is coming to a Sephora near you AND SOON. Stay tuned for more details and product reveals. 

Watch Rihanna's full tutorial down below.