Rihanna knows how to bless her Fenty Beauty fans with surprise after surprise. While you weren't looking, she put up a late-night post of a new product on Instagram. 

In her Instagram Stories, Rihanna showed off a BRAND NEW Fenty Beauty product — one we've never, ever seen before.

Of course Rihanna wanted us to see that beloved FB — because she lives to see us go nuts.

It looks like a lip product... but is it!?

And what is that silver thing between her other two fingers?  

At first glance, it's easy to think it could just be packaging — but the silver item has a square shape while the product in Rihanna's hand is circular.


Fenty Fans have a few theories about what this mystery product could be — and many of them have to do with this lip look that Rihanna was spotted wearing the same day she posted her teaser. 

Wearing edgy, dark lipstick colors *is* Rihanna's thing. 

And her other thing? Walking around wearing a tons of her own products like the sneaky queen she is. She wore Fenty Beauty on red carpets and television a YEAR before the brand officially dropped.

Never underestimate the queen's royal beauty games.

Trendmood thinks the lipstick looks like "a Black or Navy Lipstick (which looks matte with maybe purple undertones)." 

"I bet that is probably just one shade out of a few colors," she wrote.

One user even has the *perfect* name picked out for the shade. 

"That's not black it's navy. Maybe it'll be named after her stans?" 

"Rihanna Navy" *does* seem fitting.

And did Rihanna confirm these theories with a kiss — or didn't she?

"Is that the Fenty Beauty," Yvonne Orji, star of "Insecure," asked her at an event. Rihanna responded by blowing kisses and giving a two-side view of the new lip color.

How Rihanna of her. If you aren't following Orji on Instagram or lurking the depths of the internet —  this clip would sneak on by you.

So consider it semi-official: Fenty Beauty just might be dropping the goth lipstick of our freaking dreams. 

photo: Giphy

Are we even prepared for all this dark magic? No product names or launch dates can be named yet —but I can tell by the pucker of Rih's lips that more information is just an Instagram update away.

We will update you when the Bad Gal drops more details. Stay tuned.