We all know that when Rihanna releases a new Fenty Beauty collection, it's safe to assume she's been wearing some of it out on the red carpet for at least a few months — she is the queen of teasers, after all.

But she topped herself with the freshly revealed Moroccan Spice eye shadow palette, which we've apparently been salivating over for a very, very long time.

Fenty Beauty makeup artist Priscilla Ono used the new Moroccan Spice palette to create this ~SPICY AF~ eye look and revealed a rage-inducing detail in the process.

Rihanna wore the bright turquoise shade Evil Genie in the video for DJ Khaled's "Wild Thoughts."

"Were actually going to use the exact blue that Rih used for the "Wild Thoughts" video — she actually debuted this and gave everybody a sneak peek before they even knew that it existed."

Yeah, she's talking about THIS "Wild Thoughts." The iconic video that came out on June 16 ... LAST YEAR.

That means Rihanna's second eye shadow palette was already in development a full three months before Fenty Beauty even launched. Damn.

And now I feel SO played, considering Fenty Beauty makeup artist Hector Espinal recreated the same look using the Galaxy palette from last year's holiday collection.

I always thought something was off about this recreation, and now I know exactly what it is.

It really makes you wonder how many other unleashed beauty products Rihanna's worn over the past year... or month... or week.

photo: Giphy

Rihanna, this is why I have trust issues!!!