It's official: The pre-sale for Storybook's rose brushes begins TOMORROW morning.

That's May 12 at 10 am CST exclusively on Storybook Cosmetics. If you buy them from any other source, you're probably buying a counterfeit.

The set of four face brushes costs $55 and will ship within 30 days of your pre-order.

Plus $7 for shipping if you live in the US. International shipping rates start at $15.

The brush set includes this adorable rose-covered travel pouch.

Although this is a pre-sale, it's possible (read: likely) that these guys will sell out before the pre-order is even over!

Storybook is an independent brand with limited stock, so have your credit card info ready to go on the morning of May 12 if you really want a shot at them.

So, are you going to go for it?

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