Minnie Mouse
photo: Disney

Minnie Mouse has always been a cute lil' diva. Thanks to the latest LipSmackers limited edition release, she's gotten another glam, rose gold upgrade — with a secret surprise inside.

Disney lovers, meet the rose gold Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum. Isn't she pretty?

And check out the blingy rhinestones in her bow! The rose gold Minnie Mouse comes with a dome-shaped Lip Smackers lip balm in flavor Strawberry Beignet.

Of course there's a catch, but this is a lovely one: Minnie Mouse (as usual) isn't alone!

Rose gold Minnie is only available as part of a set alongside her bae for life — gold Mickey Mouse!

Minnie and Mickey together FOREVER, babes. 

The Tsum Tsum Duo Gold Mickey and Minnie ($19.99, LipSmackers) come in this fun little package — and gold Mickey Mouse's lip balm flavor is Whipped Pineapple Magic!

Of course, these golden cuties are limited edition — which means once they go, they're gone forever. I suggest you skate on over if you'd like to grab a pair.

photo: Giphy

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