Rowan Blanchard Long Hair
photo: Instagram/RowanBlanchard

Rowan Blanchard is a serious beauty star, and her iconic pixie cut is one for the ages. From her hair to her effortless makeup, she's never worn a look that fans weren't dying to re-create. Though she doesn't switch her hair up often, you can guarantee an insane reaction when she does. 

That's exactly what happened this weekend when she revealed super-long hair that inspired goth queens everywhere. So if you've been looking to try something new — bangs perhaps — Blanchard is serving wig inspo that's seriously mesmerizing.

When Rowan Blanchard cut off almost all her in hair at the end of 2018, everyone was immediately obsessed. 

The 17-year-old actress, who got her start on the Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, cut off a whopping nine inches for a mature pixie cut that had everyone talking. It was as if the young star was finally coming into her own in the most stylish way ever. Suddenly, the already adored star became an overnight beauty icon. 

Girls and guys everywhere were rushing to replicate the look for themselves. 

The hairstyle started a serious movement, with many rushing to their stylist to get the that same shaggy look. 

"I walked into a hair salon and showed them a picture of rowan blanchard's current haircut, will keep you updated," someone tweeted months ago upon her showing off the new 'do. 

She was described as a "beauty queen" as soon as she debuted the short hair. 

"Omg you know what i’m just gonna wild out and cut my hair to be like rowan blanchard i mean she’s a beauty queen and one of my role models (even though she’s only like a month older than me) so Why Not," an admiring fan wrote on the app. 

Locks were getting chopped left and right because of the actress.

"No one:

Me: so, I think I'm going to do something different with my hair. Idk I'm so bored. Maybe I'll cut it a lot shorter or get layers or something. IDK. Or maybe I should just grow it out. No, definitely should cut it so short. Have you seen Rowan Blanchard's hair cut?" a motivated admirer said on Twitter. 

The short cut came not long after she debuted a chic shoulder-length bob.

Basically, we should have all seen it coming. After chopping her once almost-waist-length hair to a bob, the natural transition was of course the killer pixie, because why not?

Well, guess what, everyone? She's switched it up again. 

'“Good writing is always a threat!!!'- Britney Spears," she said while serving some serious face and rocking a long wig with choppy bangs. Blanchard quickly went from fashion-forward girl next door to mysterious and edgy in one small step. 

Fans are living. "Omg you look like prue from [Charmed]," someone commented on the photo.

The wig was styled by none other than longtime stylist Laurie Heaps. 

The same hair master who created Blanchard's last two iconic looks is responsible for the witchy yet temporary style. And while we're not sure how long the look will last, seeing as the heat outside is definitely friendlier to shorter hair, we're loving this change. TLDR: We stan.

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