kylie jenner

Another day, another Kylie Cosmetics controversy.

photo: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner's Royal Peach Palette sent the internet into a tizzy so big, it sold out nine minutes after it went on sale.

A week later, she restocked it, and it sold out AGAIN — it was the biggest product launch in Kylizzle Cosmetics history.

But now, some fans are experiencing major buyer's remorse... because the hyped palettes reportedly stink. LITERALLY.

Over the past week, the $45 palettes began arriving on doorsteps, and fans who managed to purchase it were immediately disappointed.

It wasn't a lack of mirror, or even a poorly made applicator. No, this was a new problem entirely for Kylie. 

The issue? The Royal Peach Palette stinks. Literally.

According to complaints on Twitter, the palette has an insane chemical odor, kind of like spray paint.

The stench is SO STRONG that some people wonder if the palette is even safe to use.

I don't blame them — this is a product designed to go DIRECTLY ON YOUR EYES, after all.

Fans were expecting the shadows to be... well, peach-scented, despite Kylie never guaranteeing that.

Which, unfortunately, was probably due to Too Faced's equally popular, scented Sweet Peach Collection. 

It's a shame about the smell, because the shadows in the Royal Peach palette are apparently Kylie's best yet.

Pigmented, bright, and blendable. Just, y'know, smelling like a cleaning closet.

Kylie's made major improvement to her lip kits through her fans' critiques, so here's hoping the Royal Peach Palette's next run is a little less ... pungent.

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