sailor moon

Sailor Moon, beauty icon.

photo: Toei Animation

If you ever dreamed of making friends with a talking cat and running away with Tuxedo Mask, do I have news for you: Japanese brand Creer Beaute has created a Sailor Moon eye shadow palette.

The palette has everything: nostalgia, sparkle, moon power. It will make you fall in love — and then break your heart.

Because you can't get it.

This may *look* like Sailor Moon's transformation brooch...

But it's really an eye shadow palette!

The Moon Prism compact, which went crazy-viral over the weekend, contains four shades of ~sparkly~ shadow.

It costs ¥3,900 (around $35 USD), and is launching in March — but prepare for heartbreak.

Creer Beaute's Sailor Moon eye shadow palette will ONLY be available in Japan — and that's an actual tragedy.

photo: Giphy

You may be able to find it on Amazon or through eBay... but you'll have to pay a lot, and you'll have to watch out for expired products and scammy sellers.

And that's not the only reason this sucks. It turns out that Creer Beaute has an entire LINE of next-level Sailor Moon makeup that will make you fall in love, then crush your dreams.

The Cosmic Heart blush compact is absurdly beautiful — and impossible to get.

Inside the refillable compact, there's a flattering pink cheek tint.


Creer Beaute's Shining Moon powder comes inside a crystal star brooch compact.

Inside, the translucent, softly shimmering powder is embossed with Luna's face,


There are also official Sailor Moon makeup brushes...

Blush chalices...

Yes, I said "chalice."

Liquid eyeliner...

sailor moon eyeliner
photo: Creer Beaute

Customer photos show that these beauties have a super-delicate felt tip.

And even perfume.

sailor moon perfume
photo: Creer Beaute


I want ALL of it... but right now, the only way you can get this Sailor Moon makeup is by going to Japan.

photo: Giphy

If anyone wants to send me, I'll bring back enough for all of us.

Are you into this Sailor Moon beauty collection? Which of your childhood obsessions do you hope drops a makeup line next?

Let's get My Little Pony hair products up in this; that would be awesome. Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or on Facebook!