photo: Saint Jane Beauty

I'll never forget the first time that I was able to get my hands on Saint Jane Beauty. Eyeing the CBD skincare and makeup brand for months, I was elated to finally nab that chic, black packaging. And it was well-worth the wait. First trying the best-selling Luxury Beauty Serum, a facial oil that infuses organic botanicals and full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, I knew that it was a brand that would be a staple on my vanity. 

Fast-forward four products later, and that's it's exactly what it's become. And while it may sometimes cost a pretty penny, there's good news for those who too have been dying to give the assortment of products a try: a sale is happening right now on Credo and Saint Jane Beauty is included — but only until Sunday! 

And no, there's no catch. Simply fill your cart, and watch discounts taken at checkout. 

Saint Jane Beauty The C Drops ($72, Credo)

Saint Jane Beauty Bright Eye Repair Cream ($52, Credo)

Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Beauty Serum ($100, Credo)

Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Lip Shine ($22.40, Credo)

Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Lip Cream ($22.40, Credo)