We've been anticipating the return of Kat Von D's signature Saint +Sinner fragrances for months now, but there's been one key question that has gone unanswered: WHEN?

Thankfully, the brand just threw us a bone. 

Kat Von D Beauty announced that both fragrances will be back in July.

That's just for The US, UK, Canada, and Ireland. More international release dates are on the way. 

And they'll be exclusive to Sephora.

Whether we'll be able to shop them in-store AND online is still a mystery.

Now all we need to know is the price, release day, and whether or not they'll come with those matching candles Kat's been designing.

Considering the costs of the old Kat Von D fragrances, they'll probably be in the $40 to $60 range, but there's no official word from Kat just yet.

So... is it summer yet?

We'll be waiting here impatiently until then.

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