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Comic book fans, Sephora is out to give you the beauty treat of your dreams! Just in time for the release of the Captain Marvel film and off the heels of the Sunday Riley and Captain Marvel skin-care collaboration, Sephora created an entire Marvel-themed collection!

If you're into bulking up your beauty bag and your cadre of Marvel collectibles, then Sephora created this to feed your obsession for the rest of 2019. The Marvel Heroes collection is comprised of literally everything you could possibly need to create a full beat. Sephora was also smart enough to complete the lineup with skin-care grabs!

Ready to upgrade your entire beauty routine in the name of all things Marvel? 

The Marvel Heroes collection is complete with nine makeup and skin-care products. 

Whatever product you could dream up for the Marvel Heroes collection is probably already in the lineup. From highlighters to eye shadows to blush — Sephora literally thought of everything. 

There is one detail that will break your heart for just a little while, beauty fans.

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While Marvel is an American franchise, this collection has been released exclusively at Sephora Thailand and Sephora China, and so many products have sold out!

The good news is that it will reportedly be spreading out to other countries in the near future. 

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This collection comes to Sephora Singapore on March 28, according to Nylon Singapore. The release date for other countries is unknown, so you'll have to stay tuned! 

In the meantime, have a look-see at every single product in the Marvel Heroes collection! Be advised that prices displayed are posted to the Thailand website and are subject to change once the collection spreads to other Sephora stores.

Sephora Collection Black Panther Highlighting Palette ($25, Sephora)

This palette includes four highlighting shades in lavender, blue, white, and pink. Each highlighter is meant to create a light translucent effect that lasts for a full day of wear.

Fans did point out that this Black Panther palette looks a little ... light.

I have to agree. It is kind of ironic that the Black Panther palette — inspired by a black superhero who is also the king of a black country in Africa — looks a little too light for actual black people to use. 

Hopefully Sephora will consider some more shade variety for the American version of this collection.

Sephora Collection Captain America Blush Palette ($16, Sephora)

Captain America's shield is your new beauty secret weapon thanks to this pretty blush palette. You get two blush shades: pink (matte texture) and a shimmery bright orange.

Sephora Collection Marvel Brush Set ($41, Sephora)

This Captain Marvel set comes with five brushes with diamond-shaped cut handles. The set includes brushes for applying powder, blush, eye shadow smudging, and eye shadow packing. 

Sephora Collection Marvel Heroes Mini Kiss Me Balm Trio ($16, Sephora)

This lip balm trio includes red, pink, and bright orange shades meant to keep your lips moisturized with a touch of color.

Sephora Collection Marvel Heroes Metallic Eye Shadow Palette ($27, Sephora)

Finally, the world has a Marvel-themed eye shadow palette! There are 12 shades with metallic finishes. Each pan is in the shape of four Marvel hero symbols. From left to right, the hero symbols represent Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Thor.

Sephora Collection Marvel Heroes Invisilk Face Mask Set ($12, Sephora)

All heroes need masks, right? The invisilk mask set is meant to add moisture to your face and improve overall texture.

Sephora Collection Marvel Heroes Double-End Eye Shadow Pen, $18

This Marvel Heroes pen is inspired by Iron Man's red and gold suit, with a deep pearly red on one end and a champagne gold metal shade on the other.

Sephora Collection Marvel Heroes Double-End Lipstick & Gloss, $18 

Prepare to serve up a gorgeous Black Widow pout with this gloss and velvet matte lipstick duo. A sparkling gold gloss is on one side of the pen while a velvet matte lipstick is on the other. This duo comes in three shade options: pink, red, and deep orange.

Sephora Collection Thor Eye Shadow Palette ($17, Sephora)

thor eye shadow palette
photo: Sephora

Of course, there's an entire mini eye shadow palette dedicated to Thor fans! This palette has four shimmery shades for creating a classic everyday look, including three neutral tones and one bright fuchsia shade.

Since there's no word on exactly when this palette will spread beyond Thailand and Singapore, you'll have to stay alert.

Sephora could announce that this palette will be available elsewhere any day now. Since much of the collection is already sold out on the Sephora Thailand website, you're going to have to pay attention and move quickly when it touches down in other countries. Our money is on an April release, though, just in time for Avengers: Endgame to hit theaters.

Who's ready to have some Marvel makeup fun?!