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Sephora Collection Marvel Heroes Double-End Lipstick & Gloss, $18 

Prepare to serve up a gorgeous Black Widow pout with this gloss and velvet matte lipstick duo. A sparkling gold gloss is on one side of the pen while a velvet matte lipstick is on the other. This duo comes in three shade options: pink, red, and deep orange.

Sephora Collection Thor Eye Shadow Palette ($17, Sephora)

thor eye shadow palette
photo: Sephora

Of course, there's an entire mini eye shadow palette dedicated to Thor fans! This palette has four shimmery shades for creating a classic everyday look, including three neutral tones and one bright fuchsia shade.

Since there's no word on exactly when this palette will spread beyond Thailand and Singapore, you'll have to stay alert.

Sephora could announce that this palette will be available elsewhere any day now. Since much of the collection is already sold out on the Sephora Thailand website, you're going to have to pay attention and move quickly when it touches down in other countries. Our money is on an April release, though, just in time for Avengers: Endgame to hit theaters.

Who's ready to have some Marvel makeup fun?!