Boudoir shoots are a wonderful way to celebrate beauty and discover (or re-discover) your inner goddess. 

But, as Serena Williams just proved, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars — or put on heaps of makeup and bake under studio lights — to let your femininity unravel before the camera. 

Indeed, we've never seen the ferocious tennis player, whose name is often mentioned in the same sentence as "greatest professional athlete of our time," as we get to see her in this Instagram. 

Presented without caption, Williams' bedroom selfie isn't just arresting because she's traded her sports bra for a lace bralette. 

She's in a bed, totally vulnerable yet completely in charge of her beauty and all its raw power.  

Seriously, this is better than any magazine cover Vogue could have dreamed of shooting. So inspiring and so, so, so stunning.