Skull makeup tutorials
photo: Instagram

We're in the home stretch, folks! Halloween is next week and many of us are still clamoring to figure out what in the world we're going to be. However, it can be an even harder task for goth queens, who are often restricted to the confines of witches and skeletons. Don't despair, though, there are some pretty glamified skully makeup looks to try that are completely out of the box. 

Don't believe us? Check out 10 fabulous skeleton looks that are dazzling, luxurious, and downright fab.

Queen of Hearts

Warning: This is not for beginners! This intricate look will leave you reigning supreme over all the other skull queens out there. 

Crystal Skeleton

When in doubt, just cover your entire face in rhinestones and pearls. In case you were wondering if a skeleton could be completely decked out and bedazzled, look no further. 

Glam Skull

The look is simple, but it's surely mesmerizing. For the goth queens that are all about chic minimalism, try this out! 

Rainbow Skull

Skulls don't always have to be dark — take this colorful look, for example! It's perfect for the pastel goth queens. And it's a beautiful antithesis to any dark costume. 

Corpse Bride

"I’ve spent so long in the darkness, I’d almost forgot how beautiful the moonlight is. If you guessed that the hand I posted a while ago belonged to Corpse Bride, you were correct," this makeup artist wrote on her Instagram.

Diamond Skull

Another blinged-out look that could rival even the shiniest of disco balls. We love how bright and glam this look is, while at its core, it's still a scary skull.

Pumpkin Skull

The result of two Halloween staples coming together: a pumpkin and a skull. Add some glitter, and you have magic! 

Candy Skull

Like, seriously … Does it get anymore mesmerizing than this? Paired with an ornate flower crown and this look was taken to new heights. 

Glow-in-the-Dark Skull

For those who like it simple, just create the skull outline in glow-in-the-dark makeup and prepare to light up any dark room! How cool is the glow-in-the dark effect in a highlighter pink tone?

Deck Of Cards

In this case, the king may win, but this queen is proving victorious! This imaginative creation makes use of a simple deck of cards to become an over-the-top makeup look that seriously can't be matched.