Remember these bad boys?

snow globe lipsticks
photo: Instagram/@kailijumei

Excuse me but how could you not?

Made by a company based in China, these jelly-like lipsticks have a perfectly preserved dried flower suspended inside.

And they gave us all the "Beauty and the Beast" feels.

*cue enchanted dome*

photo: Tumblr

Unsurprisingly, these magical lipsticks sold out FAST.

Not kidding about the "magical" part: Similar to MAC's color-adjusting lip balm, these snow globe lipsticks come in a glossy pink shade that darkens or lightens depending on your body temperature.

However, I'm back with great news: The snow globe lipsticks are finally re-stocked on Amazon!

They cost $24 + shipping and are sold here.

Beauty buffs rejoice! You can officially get your Belle on.

I'll take one in every color, please.

But for those who can't bear to wait any longer, satisfy your curiosity by watching this YouTuber cut open her own tube of snow globe lipstick:


So tell me: will you be adding a few Belle-approved lipsticks to your makeup collection?

If that's a "yes," share some pics with us on Facebook!