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At this rate, I don't even need to explain to you why Kat Von D and Jeffree Star are the internet's most infamous, and frankly messiest, ex-friends. In summary, there was a lot of racism, overly defensive fans, and one very, very public friend breakup.

It's been more than TWO YEARS since the dynamic duo called it quits, and though Von D's barely opened her mouth about the topic since, Star has managed to bring it up numerous times despite claiming he doesn't want to talk about old drama with ex-friends from the industry.

Today is another prime example of that.

"How do we feel about Kat Von D Beauty?" YouTuber Kathleen Lights asked her Twitter followers today.

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Most of the responses were littered with straight-up "no's," for valid reasons.

(Most notably, Kat Von D's controversial choice not to vaccinate her newborn baby, and past accusations of anti-semitism.)

Enter Jeffree Star.

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"KVD will be a TJ MAXXX exclusive in 2019 I heard!!" he replied.

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And if that weren't enough, he also retweeted this photo of some Kat Von D Beauty products at a Marshall's with the response, "CAN'T. RELATE. AT. ALL."

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Naturally, Star's followers got a real kick out that.

You know, without acknowledging Star's even longer and better documented history of being extremely problematic.

Given that Von D literally just pushed a human child out of her body, the likelihood of her responding to these comments is an astonishing zero percent.

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But here's what I really want to know here: Will beauty influencers and brand owners ever stop relying on problematic drama to sell their own products?

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My senses indicate no.