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I am a proud "Star Trek" nerd. I am also a beauty editor.

Yes, women can be obsessed with science fiction AND makeup at the same time. I know that's still surprising for some people, but get on our level.

So when I heard that there's going to be an official line of "Star Trek" perfumes, I about lost my mind. But because I'm half Vulcan, that excitement looked more like...

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I'm a master at expressing my feelings.

The perfume bottles are shaped like an OS communicator, and each fragrance was specially created to capture the essence of the characters that inspired them.

Because these perfumes are licensed through CBS, that means that every detail — from the shade of red used to create the bottle, down to the gold braid — is 100% accurate.

This really speaks to me on an emotional level.

Are you ready to see the first ever Star Trek perfumes?

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I thought you might be.

The James T. Kirk perfume was inspired by the captain's bravery, charisma, and, uh, masculine charm.

captain kirk perfume
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Per the press release, Kirk smells like "Bergamot, lavender, apple and grapefruit chords which gently but determinately introduce into the floral and very coherent heart note consisting of lily of valley, rose, geranium and violet. This versatile composition is supported by a warm base note created out of tonka, cinnamon, leather, sandalwood and patchouli that completes this intense fragrance experience."

Is anyone surprised.

The Uhura fragrance is all about harmony, honoring "the soul of a woman who did so much for emancipation, not only on board of the U.S.S. Enterprise, but also in real life."

uhura perfume.
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According to this perfume, Uhura smells like "Fruity top notes consisting of bergamot, mango, grapefruit and neroli. The heart note presents itself more flowery with premium chords of orange blossoms, violet leaves and jasmine. The combination of cedarwood, musk, amber, and sandalwood is used to grant this perfume with Uhura’s sensuality and to complete this all in all perfect creation."

I can definitely see Uhura getting down with some violet and sandalwood in real life. Maybe she's a Santal 33 girl; who knows?

And finally, the Spock perfume centers around the noble intellect of our favorite logical hero.

spock perfume
photo: Via CBS Studios

Per the release, you can expect your Spock fragrance to smell like "Tangerine, cardamom and pineapple opens this excellent aromatic fragrance creation within its top note. This harmonious scent accord leads into the warm heart note which is dominated by lavender, violet leaves and pink pepper. To round off this exquisite arrangement of high-quality perfumery ingredients and to complete this outstanding composition, patchouli, suede and cedarwood have been used for the base note."

OK, I am a noted Spock fan, and while this sounds good, I'm not sure how I feel about the idea that Spock smells like pineapple and lavender. That's CLEARLY Chekov's thing.

But there's a huge problem — these perfumes won't be for sale in the US.

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According to a rep from CBS and the perfume house creating these fragrances, the Star Trek scents will only be available in Europe... but if they ever come to the US, I'll be the first to know.

The fact that I won't get to smell like Spock has me like...

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But if you ARE in Europe (or you can get there on vacation), you'll have multiple Star Trek perfume options.

The fragrances will come in 50ml eau de parfum AND eau de toilette versions, and you'll be able to buy them starting in July.