stila glitter and glow eyeshadow
photo: Instagram/stilacosmetics

If you've been on Instagram even just one time in your life, you've likely come across Stila Cosmetics' wildly popular Glitter & Glow liquid eye shadows. Influencers and YouTubers across the internet have long sworn by its durable formula and out-of-this-world sparkle. 

That being said, they cost $24 a pop, and that's a lot to spend on a singular eye shadow you likely wouldn't wear on a day-to-day basis. Luckily, select shades of the fan-favorite product are going for a massive — like, MASSIVE — discount exclusively at Nordstrom Rack. All Glitter & Glow shades available on the retailer's site are less than $10, and no one's sure for how long.

Shop all the sale shades below.

Monarch ($9.97, Nordstrom Rack)

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The shade Monarch looks like a faint lavender inside its packaging, but when applied to the skin, it's actually a light, fairy pink with iridescent glitter that shift from pink to silver to green in the direct light.

Painted Lady ($6, Nordstrom Rack)

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If rose gold stuff is your thing in any capacity, then buying this severely discounted Stila Glitter & Glow shade should be a no-brainer. Though it's pink at first glance, its golden glittery flecks give off a dimensional hue that's not quite rose or gold but somewhere in between.

Admiral ($9.97, Nordstrom Rack)

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Admiral offers a unique sea foam blue-green shade that also has that majestic iridescent glitter. Swipe this over deeper eye shadow shades for a color-shifting sheen that changes from green to glue to gold to silver.

Queen ($9.97, Nordstrom Rack)

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Similar but not identical to Monarch, Queen is a lilac shade that swipes on light and offers that color-shifting glitter that influencers and fans alike go so crazy for. Layer this over a pigmented white or nude concealer base for extra sparkle and shine.

Vivid Smoky Quartz ($9.97, Nordstrom Rack)

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Vivid Smoky Quartz could be your new everyday shade. The easy to apply Glitter & Glow formula doesn't just come in pastel and vibrant shades — this one offers a perfect combination of gold, bronze, and brown for a shade that'll complement any and all eye colors.

Vivid Garnet ($9.97, Nordstrom Rack)

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The name of this deep yet vibrant magenta shade pretty much says it all. Just like the gemstone it's named after, Vivid Garnet provides a deep, warm pink with undertones of metallic silver that can catch eyes from yards away.