stiletto eyebrows
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In 2018, we all want perfect eyebrows — immaculately groomed, shaped, and filled, with nary a stray hair in sight.

Despite this, there are some seriously wild social media eyebrow trends floating around. Fishtail brows, wavy brows, braided brows... the list goes on.

And now, there's another wild eyebrow trend making the rounds on Instagram... and it's the most creative yet.

Feast your eyes on stiletto brows — the hot new (joke) eyebrow trend that too many people are already taking very seriously.

This image was shared by Instagram babe @megfeather. It shows "high heel brows," as created — in Photoshop, not with tweezers — by infamous beauty edits account @skyzeditz. I repeat: High heels eyebrows are NOT real. They're just for fun.

"These trends are funny I love them!!" wrote Megan, the original influencer whose eyebrows were edited into this high-heeled shape. "So creative... it’s a joke, it’s funny, and it’s just a creative idea!"

And it IS really creative!

And honestly, is anyone else amazed that it took *this* long to combine sky-high heels and eyebrows?

The higher the (edited) brow heel, the closer to brow god.

(Here's the original image, minus the hardcore highlight and brow-heels, as posted by Isabella Chavez.)

But the eyebrow madness doesn't end there. Feast your eyes on coat hanger brows...

Tiger brows...

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Disney princess brows...

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"No tea no shade" brows...

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Flower crown brows...

Regular crown brows...

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There are even "Verified" brows, just in case you need to brag on your Instagram status.

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And — of course — mermaid brows.

As with all of the Photoshop brow creations imagined by @skyzeditz, these are ALL just designed to be fun and creative. But that hasn't stopped people from getting seriously heated about these imagined eyebrow looks.

The @skyzeditz account claims to have invented the widely reported-on "fishtail brows" edit — originally a Photshoshopped brow trend, it generated so much attention that people began styling their eyebrows that way IRL.

And just like the fishtail brow phenomenon, people have continued to miss the point with the edited stiletto brows.

Even though the stiletto brows aren't plucked like that IRL, it's still really hard to convince people that it's Photoshop.

"STOP DOING THIS TO YOUR BROWS," one commenter wrote. "They'll never grow back!"

"Why would you want shoe eyebrows," wrote another. "This looks so bad."

"We are NOT going to make high heel eyebrows happen!" wrote someone else. "Did you pluck all the hair on your forehead for that shape? Damn."

So again, to be VERY clear — stiletto brows aren't real. Or they're about as real as these upside-down and backward "Horizontal brows."

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It's all just creativity and editing!

So even though we won't be plucking, waxing, and threading our eyebrows into the shape of shoes, we can all appreciate the creativity of a good Instagram edit. Right?

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I for one feel very relieved that high heels will be staying on Lady Gaga's feet, and not above our eyeballs. Congratulations, @skyzeditz, for starting yet another ~wild~ brow conversation, and for encouraging so much creativity and eyebrow excellence!