The world has been chomping at the bit for Storybook Cosmetics to reveal its "Mean Girls" eye shadow palette, the first-ever official palette from the iconic 2004 movie. Now, after weeks on end, the teasing has ceased and we can see every shade in its full glory.

Here she is: the official "Mean Girls" eye shadow palette.

Want an even better look? Here you go:

storybook mean girls
photo: Instagram/alissa.ashley

From left to right and top to bottom, these shades' names are Is Butter a Carb?, Grool, Glen Coco, So Fetch, Wednesday, She Doesn't Even Go Here, The Plastics, Regina George, Mouse... Duh, You Can't Sit With Us, Cool Mom, and October 3rd.

And here's every swatch for your viewing pleasure on two different skin tones:

The palette contains seven matte and five metallic shades and will launch on November 1.

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It'll only be available on Storybook Cosmetics' site and will likely cost $55 just like the brand's previous palettes.

So "Mean Girls" fans — that means pretty much everyone — start your engines and open your wallets.

photo: Giphy

The race for this palette is ON.

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