photo: Giphy

Storybook Cosmetics is dropping a new palette and this time the inspiration isn't a book of spells, goth rose brushes, or "Game of Thrones." 

The brand will be launching a product with help from the hands of the famed Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh!

Storybook Cosmetics dropped a sneak peek at their next eye shadow palette, called "The Starry Night."

The palette design is based off of Vincent Van Gogh's iconic work, "The Starry Night."

You've likely seen copies of it hanging in your local coffee shops and it's even been reprinted on sweatshirts and bags. 

Now your makeup loving soul is going to get a little high art in a palette come 2018.

photo: Giphy

There's no word on exactly *when* this palette drops next year.

We also don't yet know what's *inside* of it. Could there be only shadows or a mix of blushes and lip colors? And will the colors mimic those of the painting as well or does the Van Gogh inspo stop at the packaging? 

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated as more details roll out from Storybook about this new product launch!