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Tale as old as time...

photo: Storybook Cosmetics / Instagram

When Storybook Cosmetics began teasing its collection of rose-shaped makeup brushes back in January, we knew they needed a lot of work before they'd be finished and ready for sale.

Now the wait is over, because the final product has been revealed!

Take a look at the finished collection of rose-shaped makeup brushes from Storybook Cosmetics. YES.

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They give the term "enchanted rose" a whole new meaning.

The set of four brushes has come a long, LONG way since they were drawn up last year.

Especially from the first prototypes, which didn't have the final version's long ferrules.

Or those dip-dyed bristles.

But now they're ready and better than ever, which mean's we'll be receiving news of price and pre-order any day now.

Stay updated by following the brand on Instagram — which you'll definitely want to do because these suckers are going to go fast.

In the meantime, we'll be over here like:

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So close yet so, so far.

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