In case you missed it, Kat Von D is relaunching her Studded Kiss lipstick line in January, and we've been freaking out about it FOREVER.

40 shades of reformulated Studded Kiss perfection are coming our way. Some of the colors are new, some are classics improved, and some of your favorite limited edition are making a triumphant comeback. Kat clearly knows what we want. The revamped formula is weightless, long wearing and has three finishes: satin-matte, glimmer and metallic.

Tara Buenrostro, part of the Kat Von D Artistry Collective, shared some of the new colors. This is A-Go-Go, a classic Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shade, now in bullet form.

CLASSIC shade Gold Blooded is officially back, and part of the permanent Studded Kiss line.

Here's the highly anticipated opaque matte White Out.

Keep in mind this can be worn alone or as a base color to amp up other shades!

Roxy is back from the Rock Candy collection, and is vibrant AF. 

Poe is another Everlasting Liquid Lipstick that you can now wear as a Studded Kiss bullet lipstick.

Slayer is for the goth queens.

Plan 9 has been reformulated, and returns in all its glimmery green beauty.

Hot pink shade Backstage Bambi is clearly for Wednesdays.

Watch Tara's swatch video here, and prepare to MARVEL at how beautifully all these shades apply.

Are you hyped yet? Are you ready for the best part? ALL these lipsticks — along with the other 32 Studded Kiss shades — launch in January 2018.

photo: Giphy

On January 12, they hit Kat Von D Beauty's website, on January 19 they are live on Sephora's website and in February, they will be available internationally. 

In the meantime, go shop the OG Studded Kiss Lipsticks! They are on sale for only $12.

Thank you, Kat, for already making our new year so bright.