photo: Courtesy of Unilever

Look at this hair care line. It's sleek as hell, isn't it? You might even be thinking that it's probably way our of your budget. 

Actually, it's all $3 a piece. And you're probably already using it.

This week, Suave launched a "social experiement" on millenials by changing its name and packaging to fake a new brand launch.

suave evaus
photo: Courtesy of Unilever

Under the name Evaus (Suave spelled backwards), the brand invited a handful of beauty influencers to use its products.

Little did the influencers know, what they were actually using was a $3 drugstore brand in fancier packaging.

"I thought that I was using a very exclusive shampoo."

They were all completely shocked that they hadn't been putting $50 shampoo in their hair.

And it totally changed their opinions about packaging and brand quality.

"This product: Phenomenal for natural hair."

These influencers aren't the only ones to fall for the luxury look, either: A study conducted by Suave found that 7 in 10 women believe that higher prices = higher quality.

It just goes to show: the power of Millenial Pink is limitless.

And that, sometimes, packaging isn't everything. You'll still want to keep staring at it, though.

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