TPH By Taraji
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Taraji P. Henson is known for her riveting performances in movies and on television. But at heart, she's a beauty lover like the rest of us. So after years of trying hairstyle after hairstyle, she's taken matters into her own hands in the form of an exciting haircare line that's already proving to be a major hit. 

So if you're ready for a hair revamp, check out TPH By Taraji and all that it has to offer. 

Ms. Henson is launching a haircare line!

After years and years of wowing us on the big and small screen, she's breaking into the industry in a major way. Earlier this week, Henson teased her fans with a video of her donning her natural texture in what appeared to be a rod set. "TPH is coming," she said. "It's coming, very soon." 

And the line is finding its home in one of the most magical retailers ever. 

Target, that is! So that means that the product will be super affordable. Henson is understandably over the moon about the launch. "How we feel today telling you guys that #TPHByTaraji will be exclusively available at @Target," a caption read on a photo of Henson rocking her curls. "January 29th!! Some of our eagle-eyed fans have seen it set in-store already." 

That's right. Some hair lovers have already spotted Henson's products at a Target near them. Have you checked yours? 

And the selection of products isn't just for curly girls. In fact, it's all about the versatility of our hair. 

“Women think that just because you have your hair braided up under a weave or wig that you don’t have to [do anything else],” she said in an interview with People. “But you have to take care of it.” 

"We are all hair chameleons! Whether your hair is in weaves, wigs, braids, or its natural state, #TPHByTaraji was created by @tarajiphenson to help you redefine how you care for your scalp and hair. #ServeAndPreserve," the brand said of its mission. 

There have already been some sneak peeks. 

TPH By Taraji
photo: TPH By Tarji

The sleek and colorful packaging has everyone going wild, and the applicators have particularly caught many eyes. TPH by Taraji is looking like the new favorite haircare brand of 2020 already. 

We're seriously rooting for this launch. 

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And everyone else should be too. So whether you're someone who wears weaves, rocks your natural curls, or enjoys a great silk press, this diverse line of haircare products has no limits. Prepare your pockets, January 29 will be here sooner than any of us think.