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And *about* Tarte's stated concern with perfecting undertones...

Since Tarte acknowledges the importance of not just including dark skin but also including DIVERSE shades of dark skin — why were the only shades remotely workable for dark tones in this week's release ORANGE AF?  

Why take time to perfect all the light colors only? Why was there an orange color with a BROWN undertone? Is that the future of makeup?

As Jackie Aina questioned in her Youtube review, why should people with deeper complexions even trust you now when the one shade you DID drop was "Donald Trump's summer shade?" 

And the Shape Tape foundation line isn't the only issue Tarte should be getting dragged for. Take a look at the brand's existing shade ranges, swatches, and influencers promoted on its social channels.

Tarte didn't even have a decent shade range for its fan favorite Shape Tape concealer to begin with. Shape Tape was *definitely* one of those holy grail products that I could never use because they have no match for me in the lineup. No sweat. Kat Von D does it for me anyway.

Tarte Cosmetics also has one of the whitest Instagram feeds I've ever seen. The brand hasn't had a chocolate beauty influencer on its feed all January 2018. 

In December 2017, the brand had two deep-complected influencers on its feed (here and here) — one of which is more medium deep than deep dark anyway. I counted her to be fair.

So Tarte's excuses about why diversity is being neglected NOW is BS. The brand has already shown which customers it cares about — and it's not those of us with dark skin.

It doesn't matter how many shades of Shape Tape Tarte comes out with in the future. The sad, low standard has been set, and I — along with many other women of color — will not be buying it.