Shortly after facing backlash for reposting a racist meme to Instagram, Tarte Cosmetics is in hot water again.

This week, copious Tarte customers have claimed they received dozens of shipping notifications not addressed to them.

Users across Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook say that these shipping notifications reveal other customers' home addresses, phone numbers, and some credit card information.

Naturally, people across social media are now really concerned that their private information has been sent to a bunch of strangers.

One customer, who claims she called Tarte's customer service number, was allegedly told to just delete the emails.

This post reads: "So I woke up this morning to 60 emails from Tarte. I initially thought they were spam until I opened one. To my horror, it included the email address, shipping and billing addresses, order content, and tracking info for things that I did not order. It was for some girl in Florida who had placed an order. I went through the other 51 emails, and it was the same thing —  basically their identities being handed over. Horrified, I called Tarte customer service to be told that they are aware of the situation and dealing with it. I asked how they were dealing with it and was told they are telling everyone simply to delete the emails. You have the identities and personal info of more than 50 people and you expect everyone to simply delete them from their inboxes and be okay with that?"

Now, many people are addressing this as a "security breach" or "data breach."

But that's not exactly what's happening, according to Tarte. The brand gave Revelist the following statement from its vice president of e-commerce:

“There’s been a lot of misinformation on social media, and we want to set the record straight. Last weekend, we experienced an issue with our shipment notification email tool that affected 1,400 orders. As a result of this issue, some of our customers received multiple copies of shipping confirmation emails other than their own. We contacted all impacted clients to inform them of the issue. Our team here at Tarte worked quickly to resolve the issue and confirm that no personally identifiable information under any applicable state law was disclosed as a result of this situation. We take this situation seriously and, in addition to fully refunding the affected customers’ orders, we are sending some new holiday items to make up for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. We want to assure our customers that no information was disclosed that would expose them to a heightened risk of identity theft or similar harm."

And although the brand says this is an email malfunction and NOT a breach, many are still concerned about the personal information that's already been spread.

At the very least, the customers affected will be getting a refund.

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Whether or not that's enough to smooth things over, only time will tell.

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