Tarte Cosmetics finally blessed its loyal fans with the bright new Icy Betch palette that they have been requesting for nearly a year! The brand teased a blue and green palette in 2018 that its loyal shoppers could not wait to have. The entire product reveal fell flat when Tarte Cosmetics informed its followers that the palette announcement was just an April Fools' joke for social media.

Fans seemed to feel more let down than amused because the greens and blues in the palette were just too gorgeous to not be a real release. Luckily, Tarte Cosmetics finally treated its customers to the palette they thought would they would never see again — but with a slight twist!

It all started with this bright blue teaser one year ago. 

"Are you ready to peep something new?" the brand teased on its Instagram story.

Then came the huge reveal. 

The palette is entirely filled with blues and greens aside from a single white shimmery eye shadow. Fans could not help but salivate.

Tarte Cosmetics even gave people a preview of how the eye shadows blend out. 

How fun is this ice princess-inspired look? Fans were heartbroken upon discovering that the palette wasn't real. 

Tarte Cosmetics customers immediately expressed their annoyance with the joke. 

Fans seemed to feel that the joke only exposed how removed Tarte Cosmetics was from its target audience and what it wants to pay for.

"Jokes on Tarte," one fan wrote. "Seems like many people got quickly excited and expressed interest in purchasing a palette like this. Guess it's back to busted and boring neutral palettes!"

"It's so funny to me that the only interesting and innovative @tartecosmetics palette since 2016 is actually an April fool [sic] joke," another fan shared. "Yeah then please go ahead nad [sic] release the 1333337th warm toned palette lmfao." 

One year later, Tarte Cosmetics started teasing a new "icy" product. 

There's no more obvious hint than an ice cube with what looks like a palette sitting inside of it. Of course, fans were skeptical given the brand's previous, um, antics. 

"April 1? I don't know if I trust you @tartecosmetics," one fan wrote to the brand on Instagram.

But Tarte Cosmetics hit fans with the blingiest arm swatch video ever.

After a gorgeous swatch video like this, Tarte Cosmetics would definitely be skating on thin ice with its fans if this turned out to be another April Fools' joke. At this point, it all seemed clear that the people would finally get the Icy Betch Palette in their beauty bags. 

Tarte Cosmetics is not playing with our hearts this time. Icy Betch is here!

The Icy Betch Palette ($24, Tarte Cosmetics) is for real and she isn't the original Icy Betch; she's the cooler Icy Betch. The palette is encased in even better packaging than the first 2018 reveal.

The pan count and placement are also slightly different from the original but she looks even more beautiful.

"This cool-toned palette has 9 pigmented shadows and one icy highlighter," the brand described on Instagram. Peep how MASSIVE that sparkly white highlighter pan is! 

In case you're wondering if the eye shadows are still perfect for those fantastical looks you love, then check out this eye blend.

Swipe to get that close-up! Tarte Cosmetics wants you to know the Icy Betch Palette is for bold blending that ensures winter sticks around all year long. 

The brand also published a tutorial for this bold Icy Betch Palette look.

The ice princess vibes are abundant. Winter clearly comes around whenever you want it to. 

Lots of Tarte Cosmetics fans are stoked that their favorite brand actually released the Icy Betch Palette. 

"I bought this yesterday. Can’t wait to get my hands on it," one fan wrote. "At least this year wasn’t an April fools joke! Phewww @tartecosmetics I don’t think my heart could’ve handled that! Lol." 

Other fans believe the new palette and release date are way too close to Jeffree Star's release of the Blue Blood Palette ($52, Jeffree Star Cosmetics). 

Obviously, both are cool-toned with a focus on shades of blue. Of course, when Jeffree Star Cosmetics first revealed his palette, people also compared Blue Blood to Icy Betch. 

Some fans think Tarte Cosmetics intentionally released the updated Icy Betch Palette to spite Jeffree Star. 

"I think the timing of this launch is disrespectful," one user wrote. "It doesn’t go along at all with your other launches and it seems completely random. I think it was done to undermine Jeffree’s launch. He did this color scheme better anyway but Tarte you need to be nicer."


Other fans think Tarte Cosmetics dropped this palette too late altogether. 

"it’s interesting how Tarte took a WHOLE YEAR to release this much-anticipated palette while we have already had at least a dozen blue eye shadow palettes by other companies that were smart to capitalize off this 'joke palette.' Tragic," a fan commented.

If you're still curious about buying the Icy Betch palette, then check out the full tutorial from the Tarte Cosmetics YouTube channel.