As Pride Month approaches, we can all expect to see a lot more rainbows going down for the duration of June. Aside from the actual beauty of celebrating the contributions, freedom, and fight for rights in the LGBTQ+ community — the other cool part is all the vibrant colors we get to enjoy. The more color, the merrier right? And the same goes for glitter, right? Got it! 

Tarte Cosmetics is ON IT this year with the launch of its official Pride Month collection. What makes this really cool is that the brand partnered with an LGBTQ+ influencer and will be donating the proceeds from the sales to an organization that advocates for the rights and safety of LGBTQ+ people. 

If you stan a little glam and A LOT of LGBTQ+ support, then this collection was made just for you.

The brand first teased this colorful collection a couple of days ago.

"We have something colorful coming VERY soon with the brightest babe to color your world. Comment your guess on who we're collabing with below! #comingsoon," the brand wrote on Instagram. Tarte Cosmetics had its fans at "colorful." They immediately took to the comments to drop their guesses about who Tarte would be collaborating with. 

People had some pretty good guesses. 

Fans guessed everything from Lisa Frank to Rainbow Brite. Of course, one fan coyly mentioned herself. A girl's gotta dream right? Also, the world kind of does need Lisa Frank to hop out with a massive makeup collaboration. It could be with Tarte or Sephora Collections. It doesn't matter. Just treat us, please. 

Of course, Tarte couldn't tease a rainbow product without a few fans making James Charles jokes.

"I hope it’s an eyeshadow palette with rainbow colors that’s just as pigmented and less expensive then [sic] James Charles Palette," one person wrote. The comment received hundreds of likes and is just one of the many James Charles mentions in the comments section. That fan and the others will be happy to know that there are already rainbow palettes that are decently pigmented and cheaper than Charles' palette. A few actually existed before Charles' palette. This comment was obviously just a bad joke. 

As for Tarte, the brand rolled on with its rainbow collab teasers. 

Its next post confirmed that fans would indeed be getting a rainbow of new eye shadows. Although Tarte didn't write the words "eye shadow," the video tells it all. "Are you ready to make it rainbow?" the brand captioned this video. Would the shadows be singles? A palette? 

With just two hints, one fan immediately began thinking about Pride Month. 

"I hope some money goes to an LGBT organization then," a fan wrote to the brand. The LGBTQ+ association is due to the obvious fact that the rainbow is a pride symbol. Since Tarte announced a rainbow-themed collaboration so close to Pride Month, which is in June, it makes sense that the fan thought of this so quickly. Staying true to its teaser rollout formula, the brand provided no confirmation underneath the post. 

Finally, the brand revealed who it would be collaborating with on rainbow makeup.

"Roy G. Biv is QUAKING," the brand captioned this video on Instagram. "Our #jessiepaegextarte collab is AVAILABLE NOW on" First of all, this video is STUNNING. The brand is also pretty cool for working with Jessie Paege, who is an actress, YouTuber, and self-identified member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

And yes, Tarte confirmed that it's dropping a rainbow eye shadow palette specifically for Pride Month.

"LET IT RAIN-BOW. Our NEW collab in celebration of PRIDE month with our girl @jessiepaege is NOW AVAILABLE on! We’re celebrating Pride & our LGBTQ+ tartelettes with this colorful palette we created with @JessiePaege, who uses her voice across various channels to constantly promote self-love [and] is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community." 

How sweet!

Paege and Tarte also confirmed that yes, they will be donating some of the sales to an organization that uplifts LGBTQ+ people.

"Together, we have joined forces to donate $25k to @trevorproject — a leading national organization providing crisis intervention [and] suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ young people under 25. Available now on [and] coming soon to @Sephora online!" 

You may be familiar with The Trevor Project, which has been a popular advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and safety for years. The organization has also collaborated with NYX Cosmetics and Abercrombie.

Tarte Cosmetics also threw a huge Pride party to celebrate its new launch.

"COLOR YOUR WORLD. We had a blast at our rainbow-filled event for the launch of #jessiepaegextarte in celebration of PRIDE! Head to our IG stories to see all the BTS of the paaaaarty!" The party was filled with literally every rainbow thing you can think of, including lollipops, Skittles, umbrellas, and Pride flags. 

The @jessiepaege x Tarte Let It Rainbow Eye Set ($24, Tarte Cosmetics) is for sale right now on the Tarte website!

That's right! Tarte shoppers aren't just getting the eye shadow palette all by its rainbow lonesome. The brand is throwing in a mini-size Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara to help its fans get their eye looks all the way together! 

The palette features six matte shades and two glittery pearlescent shades. Tarte suggests that you use with a wet brush for super punchy pigment. 

And Tarte didn't stop there! The brand dropped a full Pride collection! 

The Pride Liquid Chrome Paint Metallic Pigment comes in this glitzy pink shade. It can be used as an eyeliner or to create cute shapes using the stencils the brand provides with the pigment. Tarte made this product specifically for creating eyeliner looks, adding a metallic pink to cheeks, and for making temporary tattoos. Yes to multipurpose makeup! Keep it coming, beauty brands!

Tarte also has its glitter-obsessed customers covered.

The Treasure Pot Glitter Gel ($18, Tarte Cosmetics) is yet another multipurpose makeup product. It's also fallout-free thanks to its gel formula. Tarte recommends that you add it to your hair, brows, and face. The brand also specifically noted that it looks great on the collarbone and shoulders. Festival and parade attendees, this is DEFINITELY for us!

If you're dying to see how this eye shadow palette performs IRL, then check out Paege's YouTube video down below.

Paege confirms that this is an eye shadow palette meant for makeup novices, pros, and everyone in between. "I’m not the best at makeup," she said on her YouTube channel. "I’m not, but this palette isn’t about that. This palette is all about making mistakes, trying things out, and also supporting LGBTQ+ organizations. Ahhh!”

If you want to try out this collection, then you can grab it online now OR wait until everything hits Sephora on June 6. Happy Pride, and happy blending!