In the age of social media, you'd think that big beauty brands — with their billions of dollars and unprecedented, tentacle-like reach — would know how to respectfully talk to their audience.

You would be wrong.

Prepare yourselves for an infuriating story! Over the weekend, Tarte Cosmetics was blasted by furious fans after the brand shared a meme containing a racial slur.

Here is the meme in question, posted to the offical Tarte Cosmetics Instagram page.

tarte cosmetics racist meme
photo: Tarte Cosmetics / Instagram

That is, for real, the racial slur "ching chong" causally thrown into an OMG SO RELATABLE meme reposted by a major makeup brand.

This is a slur that has been used to mock and degrade Asian people, especially in America, since the 19th century. As NPR noted, "'Ching chong,' after all, is just a crude imitation of what folks think Mandarin or Cantonese sounds like."

This meme was originally posted by Hrush Achemyan, aka @styledbyhrush, longtime Kardashian makeup artist and Tarte collaborator.

The Tarte x Hrush eye and cheek palette was released in 2016.

Many Tarte fans took to the comments of BOTH posts, pointing out that this term is extremely offensive to Asian people. Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee even got involved via Twitter, using her powerful platform to publicly ask that the brand remove the post and do better.

Tarte quickly removed the meme, and issued the following apology from Tarte founder Maureen Kelly.

The statement reads as follows:

"From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry and embarrassed. Yesterday, we made a mistake by sharing an insensitive meme with a racist term. There is NO EXCUSE for using any type of racial slur, regardless of the context. We understand that this ignorance has caused us to lose loyal fans, and we completely understand. I take full responsibility, and we thank you all for helping us educate our team and each other. Sincerely, Maureen, CEO and founder of tarte."

Hrush also deleted the meme, but does not appear to have issued any kind of apology. She's currently at London Fashion Week.

I'm very busy Photo @mads_chambers @versus_versace RUNWAY SHOW @maybelline #maybellinepartner #MNYFASHIONWEEK

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It would appear from her posts that she's there as a #MaybellinePartner.

Though Tarte has taken the post down, Twitter is still sounding off about the situation and the horrifying number of people attempting to tell those who were hurt by this term to "stop being so offended."

Michelle Lee continued to use her platform to inspire positive change, explaining that listening to and learning from others is the only way forward — NOT defending hurtful comments because of ignorance.

"If ur just now hearing this phrase for the 1st time, now u know it's a racial slur," Lee continued on Twitter. "See, u learned something by listening to others [...] NOT by telling them that ur not personally offended and therefore no one should be offended. Right?"

While it's great that Tarte took responsibility for this situation, it's 2017. Ignorance is not an excuse for hateful slurs and exclusionary language.

Do better.