Tarte Vitamin C Serum
photo: Courtesy of Tarte

There are a number of vitamin C serums out there in the market. It's one of skin care's biggest trends right now because of its incredible power to plump skin, significantly decrease dark spots, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

And while just about every skin-care brand out there has a variation of its own, it's rare that a brand known more for makeup creates such a product. But I always expect the unexpected with Tarte Cosmetics, right? The beauty favorite just launched its firs-ever vitamin C serum, and it's packed with every antioxidant and acid your skin could ever want. 

When our days are lackluster, we can always count on Tarte to provide us with some exciting new launches. 

And while it's usually in the form of makeup makeup — in just the past few months, it's released new foundations, eye shadows, and bronzers — Tarte just launched a product like nothing we've seen from the natural beauty brand: a vitamin C serum.

The upcoming Youth Or Dare Multi-Acid & C Serum is about to give big-name skin-care brands a serious run for their money. 

Tarte Vitamin C Serum
photo: Courtesy of Tarte

"‼️ NEWNESS ALERT‼️ We just dropped the game changer in your skincare #shelfie. Meet our NEW #veganyouth or dare™ multi-acid & C serum for a brighter, healthier & younger-looking complexion," the brand shared in an Instagram post. The four key ingredients in the serum is what sets this miracle in a bottle apart from the others. 

The four ingredients that lend this serum its superpowers include vitamin C ...

Tarte Vitamin C Serum
photo: Courtesy of Tarte

It promotes collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines, resulting in an instantly more plump and glowing appearance. 

Glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid ...

tarte vitamin c serum
photo: Courtesy of Tarte

The glycolic acid helps expedite cell turnover for smoother, brighter skin, while the hyaluronic acid is a natural humectant that helps plump and hydrate skin’s appearance.

And apple extract!

photo: Tarte Cosmetics

This hidden gem will have your skin begging for more apple! This magic ingredient, in conjunction with loads of orange, increases skin hydration after only 30 minutes.

Shop the serum for $42 now! 

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Simply apply one or two pumps onto clean skin every morning or night.

Orange you glad your skin will never be the same? 

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OK, maybe that was corny, but you get the point. A potent blend of acids and fruits will forever and always be the way to go for more radiant and glowing skin.