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Despite that, Tati's 2016 review of the NikkieTutorials x Too Faced collab was one of her most contentious EVER.

The issue at hand, as Tati says, was the differing quality of her palette, and the palette many other people received. "I feel, genuinely, that there were two different factories working on those palettes, and that mine might have been better than a lot of other people's."

This appears to back up one of Jeffree Star's biggest and most shocking allegations — that Too Faced double-crossed Nikkie and released a sub-par palette that's different than the one she approved.

He gave an exclusive statement about the alleged situation earlier today.

Because of this, Tati will no longer be putting Too Faced products on her channel. "I don't think the company has great ethics. I don't really care for the vibe and what they stand for, and I think their company actually IS very too faced."

photo: Tati / YouTube

"I did not hear this from Nikkie, but from what I've heard through the grapevine... I don't think this was the greatest collaboration! I think there were some shady things going on."

"There have just been too many things that have happened, and too many experiences that I have had personally, to feel like I want to support them anymore. So me and Too Faced, we're broken up."

We last saw Too Faced packaging in an Instagram post from Tati seven weeks ago... wonder what could have happened between then and now?

And this has had an immediate effect. Jeffree Star has hinted that he and Tati might be filming a video together.

Thought Tati is a YouTuber powerhouse in her own right, Jeffree is the Queenmaker. He currently has over four million subscribers, and is reckoned by some to be the biggest beauty YouTuber in the world.

And Tati is thankful for the support.

This is so dramatic, I have no idea wtf is going to go down next. Meanwhile, I'll just be over here like...

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Hold tight your buns, indeed.

And you can watch Tati's full video right here.