photo: Tati Beauty

If anyone has had a 2019 filled with ups and downs, it's Tati Westbrook. The beauty YouTuber who kicked off the year in a bitter feud with once close friend James Charles has continued to carry on post-drama with elegance and class that's truly unmatched. And somehow, in the midst of all the craziness, she had time to finally launch her own makeup line, Tati Beauty. On October 25, the long-awaited drop will finally be available to fans — and none of us can contain our excitement. 

An eye shadow palette? Now that's exactly what we need. 

Tati Westbrook has been keeping a secret. 

And she teased fans with it through a slew of tweets. "This has been the craziest year of my life for so many reasons … I'm ready for the next chapter. I'll share more with you tomorrow," she said days ago from her personal Twitter account. 

That secret ended up being a completely unexpected self-titled makeup collection. 

Yep, that's right. Tati Beauty is on the way, folks, and it's years overdue. In a YouTube video reveal, Westbrook showed fans what she's been working on for years in the form of a BTS video that included tons of swatches and tons of glow. The exciting announcement of course featured Westbrook looking like a million bucks. 

The first launch for the brand is a beautiful 24-tone palette. 

"Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 4 Textures, 6 Tones, Endless Possibilities," said the new brand's Instagram. The rich, fall tones of the palette, with hues of reds, browns, blacks, and silvers, is what we've all been waiting for. And judging by the swatches, the color payoff is equally as impressive. Whether you like matte finishes, satin finishes, or are all about the glitter, the upcoming Tati Beauty palette has it all.

And of course, she used it on herself in the most beautiful way possible. 

Westbrook has such a way of radiating like no other, and she surely did just that in the first promotional shots. With striking copper smokey eyes and a body donned in lots of glitter, Westbrook surely has us enticed to purchase the release the second it hits the shelves. 

She summed up the resoundingly supportive reaction with one uber-positive and optimistic Instagram post. 

"I seriously cannot wait until all the pieces come together and I finally understand why I went through everything I did," the touching post read. And considering the whirlwind 2019 that Westbrook has had, and her drama with James Charles arguably being one of the biggest beauty YouTuber scandals, it's good to see her finally back on track.