Tati Westbrook James Charles Fued
photo: YouTube/Tati Westbrook

You don't even have to be a beauty YouTuber lover to have caught wind of the James Charles/Tati Westbrook drama that ensued this weekend. In what may be the biggest and most iconic beauty influencer beef since Jeffree Star and Kat Von D's, Westbrook may have just ended Charles' career. With a revealing and somewhat disturbing 43-minute video, Westbrook revealed secrets about Charles and his behavior that absolutely nobody saw coming. 

Charles' subscriber count has plummeted, and it's decreasing more and more by the minute. Bye, sister.

In a revealing, almost 45-minute video, Tati Westbrook obliterated James Charles. Literally. 

People have been waiting with baited breath for Westbrook to officially respond to the mess that's been going on — and oh, hunny, did she ever. In the lengthy video, Westbrook held nothing back about her now former friendship with James Charles, whom she said she once saw as a child of her own. 

She began the video by referencing the hair vitamins situation and speaking about her decision to post the initial crying video. "I was completely blindsided, and my emotions got the best of me." But that wasn't all; in fact, it wasn't even the beginning. Westbrook, who essentially catapulted Charles' career, proceeded to go in-depth about some pretty awful things that Charles has done, including sexually harassing straight men, speaking disrespectfully to his own parents, and being outright mean to people in the industry such as Marlena Steel, the founder of Makeup Geek. 

When addressing why she tolerated Charles' bad behavior for so long, Westbrook said, "I had always imagined he would grow up."  

She also included the disrespect her husband, James Westbrook, endured from Charles. 

Westbrooks spoke on the sacrifices that not only her but her husband have made for Charles, including negotiating contracts and ensuring Charles was always paid fairly. "He was making $90 a video, and because of me and my husband, he was then making $2,200.... Another thing I have an issue with is he never apologized to my husband; Halo is his business too." 

Westbrook also referred to a time that she and her husband secured a $1 million contract with Morphe. "I absolutely loved James Charles, my husband loved James Charles," she said. "We were here for him."

Charles responded with a video that has 2.3 million dislikes and climbing.

“A lot of the time when I’ve had to address things in the past, I’ve acted out of impulse and I’ve gone off and tried to pull receipts or facts or screenshots and play the victim, and I’m not doing that today; I’m not," Charles said in the beginning his video. 

In a slow, very quiet, and somber clip, Charles used his time to apologize to other YouTubers, fans, and critics whom he's offended in the past, including his own mother who he said wanted to defend him. 

The video hasn't been received well at all, as thousands of hate comments are garnering like after like. 

If you're here for the tea and have 45 minutes to spare, watch the entirety of Westbrook's revealing video below.

"I've said my piece, I'm moving forward.... The chapter's closed, and I felt you all deserved the truth and for your questions to be answered," concluded Westbrook in the video. She insisted that she will continue to push out quality beauty content and asks that fans do not fill her comments with remarks about the unfortunate situation.   

And once you've finished that, check out Charles' apology, too.

Since the video broke, Charles has lost 3 million subscribers. Is this the end? It's looking like it for the time being.