Tati Westbrook James Charles
photo: YouTube/Tati Westbrook

Whenever something huge pops off in the beauty sphere, you can count on Twitter to have the most hilarious commentary ever. So when everything exploded this weekend with James Charles and Tati Westbrook, the hilarious tweets were never-ending. 

For days straight, the comedians of social media have been out to play, offering their two cents on the situation and, for the most part, ripping Charles to shreds. And with thousands of gut-punching tweets out there right now about the drama, we've been able to find the 10 more hilarious ones. 


People are legit rooting for Charles' following to plummet. 

Like Elijah Daniel, who's been legit counting down the subscriber loss of Charles. Tweeting for every million lost and still poking fun at "influencer representation." 

"Anyway congrats to james charles for hitting 13M subscribers this is such a huge milestone and step towards influencer representation in the media," he said. 

Even those who are completely out of the beauty vlogger loop found themselves invested. 

Why? Because drama sells, people. This massive feud has been covered by even the most serious of news outlets, such as CNN and Newsweek.

"Me: has never watched any beauty influencer videos doesn’t have a single clue about anything makeup related whatsoever

Me watching the whole 45 minute video about Tati Westbrook calling out James Charles," one follower wrote of the drama. 

People couldn't bear to sit through Charles' video. 

The very breathy and whiny eight minutes proved to be a drag for many to watch. The tone of Charles was noticeably more somber, as it should have been, but it came off more as dramatic and bored rather than remorseful.

"*Watches all 40+ minutes of Tati Westbrook ending James Charles career.*

*18 seconds into the 8 minute James Charles 'apology,'" this reluctant viewer wrote.

It's safe to say Westbrook might be responsible for the demise of Charles' career. 

While some, though very few, believe that Westbrook may have thrown Charles under the bus because she was bitter at the vitamin gummies scandal, others think she tossed the entire bus all together. 

"Tati Westbrook didn't throw James Charles under the bus she literally took the bus and threw it at him," someone said. 

This scandal is proving once again that Twitter is full of comedians. 

"Me getting ready to watch a 43 minute video by Tati Westbrook, whom I have never heard of, exposing James Charles, whomst I only know about from memes of him not being able to sing and wearing assless leather pants," said a hilarious beauty YouTuber beginner. 

He had us at "assless leather pants."

And of course Gabriel Zamora wasn't exempt from the roasting. 

Zamora, who came for Westbrook last month in an ever-so-shady Snapchat story, took to the social platform again to criticize Westbrook for her video. It resulted in him being obliterated once again, just a few months after he got his vlogging career back on track.

"Gabriel Zamora after he got himself involved in the Tati and James drama for clout only to get the opposite reaction," joked a critic with the perfect meme on hand.

And if you were one of the 34 million people that tuned in to Westbrook's video, you heard about that crass dinner table conversation.

In what Westbrook described as words that "cannot be unheard," she detailed graphic conversations had over dinner in which Charles spoke about wanting to have sex with a waiter in detail with his parents in attendance. 

So when someone heard the news, they took the opportunity to poke fun at the dinner. "James Charles at tati's birthday dinner," they joked with yet another meme. 

However, people took notice that Charles has been canceled far quicker than Jeffree Star, whose career has thrived despite documented incidents of racism. 

May we also note that Westbrook's video featured Jeffree Star Cosmetics clear as day in the background; the irony of it all is real. 

"I don't know why yall stopping at James Charles. Jeffree Star was out here calling Jackie Aina a gorilla. Can we keep this energy going or nah?" someone rightfully asked. 

Bretman Rock also garnered a lot of support through the situation. 

Rock, who has been astonishingly unproblematic throughout his career, may be coming for Charles' spot, and rightfully so. 

"It shouldn’t take someone having a scandal and losing subscribers for y’all to pay attention to someone else. It can be more than 1 boy in makeup. Bretman BEEN doing this makeup sht for years, he’s hilarious & the money he gains goes towards providing for his family. Get hip hoe," said a Rock fan. 

And now, it's being turned into clickbait for a good cause. 

While male politicians continue to police the bodies of women in Georgia and Ohio, advocates of women's right to choose are using the feud as an opportunity to raise awareness.


ok now that I have your attention, Georgia and Ohio are trying to make not only abortion, but miscarriages and birth control illegal, and we need to stand up for women’s rights," this user alerted.

And while this mess of a feud has probably only just begun, Charles career appears to be slowly coming to an end. We're not sure how his people will clean up this PR nightmare.