Let's face it, drugstore dupe tutorials are nothing new, and neither is creating the exact same makeup look using the original and the lesser expensive brand. However, it's not every day that we get to see a dupetorial play out in real-time with real-life twins as the models. Well, aren't you happy we have Tati Westbrook? The beauty YouTuber just posted a tutorial with her younger sisters Erika and Sabrina that has everyone going nuts. 

So you decide for yourself, which twin wins? Luxury or drugstore? We promise you'll barely be able to tell the difference. 

In case you didn't know, Tati Westbrook has a set of twin sisters. 

Her younger sisters, Erika and Sabrina, are identical twins, and the resemblance is almost freaky. If you've been a longtime subscriber of Westbrook, you've probably seen them in previous videos doing their own makeup alongside their beauty-expert older sister or bringing their adorable toddlers around for unboxing and YouTube fun with auntie! 

But this time, they're making another channel appearance for a completely different reason. 

To show off what a real dupetorial is, Westbrook used an array of luxury (arguably) and drugstore products on essentially the same face to re-create the same look. With the help of her hilarious sisters, she executed what's arguably the most genius beauty video any of us have seen in a while. Frankly, we're not sure how she didn't think about it sooner.

The twin energy in the video is magnetic. 

"The intro... 

"So you're saying my face IS fatter than hers?"
"Oh my god you're IDENTICAL TWINS"

Sister stuff, sigh...

"Hers shines brighter than mine!" one of the video's admirers wrote in a Reddit thread discussing the tutorial intro. 

Of course, there was some serious contouring involved. 

On her sister Erika, who got the full face of luxury products, she used Tarte Shape Tape and Jeffree Star Magic Star concealer. For her sister Sabrina, she used the more affordable ELF 16H Camo Concealer for highlighting. She contoured using the Scott Barnes technique, using the RCMA Make-Up VK palette on Erika and the COL-LAB Contour & Glow Cream Sculpting Palette on Sabrina.

And the end result was mind-blowing

You could barely tell which side was luxury and which wasn't! The brilliant video was even praised by Tati's critics, speaking to just how creative the concept really was. "I honestly don't care anymore about luxury vs high end comparisons and I'm not really a fan of Tati anymore, but I do think this was a cool video and a fun concept, I enjoyed it," a commenter wrote in the Reddit thread

However Westbrook's husband, James, figured it out. 

Looks like all that time spent with his makeup-loving wife is paying off. After the ladies challenged him to determine which face was luxury and which face was drugstore, he shocked everyone by getting it right. Even more to everyone's surprise, he gazed at the faces for what seemed like a long time, making an educated guess and basing it off of the glow. Go James! 

Needless to say, the video was more like watching triplets. 

Westbrook may not be one of the twins, but she surely resembles her sisters in a crazy way. Talk about strong genes. "This is soo weird. Her twin sisters have the same voice and cadence as Tati and it's like 3 Tatis speaking at the same time," someone noted on Reddit. 

Tati, we want more content like this!