Tati Westbrook has had her fair-share of drama this year, and that includes criticism for what fans have said is "false advertising" in her videos. After being roasted last month for (allegedly) heavily filtering her video content, it looks like Westbrook is making it right. 

In a new video filled with visible blemishes, normal-sized pores, and bags under the eyes, it appears that the YouTuber may be kissing that blurring effect goodbye — and now fans are saying Westbrook looks decades younger. 

Last month, fans speculated that Tati Westbrook had been filtering her videos to make her skin and makeup appear flawless.

After posting a nearly airbrushed product review with makeup expert Scott Barnes, subscribers roasted for Westbrook allegedly filtering her videos. Both her and Barnes' face, hands, and necks appeared almost poreless, and there wasn't a single blemish in sight.

And the evidence was compelling. 

"Tati records at 1080HD. Why aren't drama channels calling her out for blatant use of filters?? She's promoting Halo on her channel and using herself and Scott's skin as examples. This is false advertising," a fan shared on a Reddit thread that quickly became trending.

So when she posted her most recent video, those same fans noticed something different.

The foundation review that's all about skin looked a lot more realistic. 

In a new Reddit thread, viewers are noting that the video seems tremendously less filtered than those prior — and that Westbrook even more youthful. 

"She actually looks younger without the filter. Isn't it crazy how that works?" someone commented. 

The filter may have even lead people to think she's older than she is. 

"This whole time I thought she WAS late 40’s!" one Reddi user wrote. "Her skin has more texture and all that jazz but she looks like she’s in her late 20’s/early 30’s in this video. And [redacted] her hair is GORGEOUS!"

Did this video confirm that she had filtered her previous videos? It looks that way. 

"I haven’t been following her very closely for a long time, but this post made me look up the video and I was taken aback by how she looks. I’d kind of suspected there was some blurring going on, but this video confirmed it for me. She looks so much fresher and better with her natural texture visible. Also makes me feel like hey my skin looks good too with texture," another Redditor said admiringly.

However, the video doesn't look completely unfiltered. 

Her skin did still look slightly blurred, but far less so than it does previous videos. 

"Filters might not be fully gone but she still looks a lot better here. This is much more flattering than cancelling out all imperfections," another Reddit commenter shared

Looks like this new look is surely being well received.

"You can see her pores, the veins on her eyelids, her skin texture, and discoloration close and personal. And that's so, so important," one more fan noted. "She's human, with normal skin that has its own good and less-than-Vogue days, like all of us. I'm thrilled to see this from Tati, since historically it seems like she applies heavy duty, skin-blurring filters on her videos."

We agree — this is better move for everyone.