Beauty YouTubers celebrate products every single day. And for the sake of preserving their brand relationships, we're not always sure which reviews are genuine and which ones are not. However, there are times when our favorites are willing to get real and give us their unfiltered opinions. Tati Westbrook did just that. 

In a video about new beauty releases, she panned everything that she has deemed "overrated." She held nothing back, and we must admit we appreciate how honest she was. This may be the video you need to see before making a few purchases

Let's face it: People trust Tati Westbrook's opinion. 

The beauty YouTuber with close to 6 million followers has become a trusted voice for all things makeup, hair, and skin care. She's one of the the OG vloggers in the industry — one of her videos  alone can earn over 4 million views in just a week. 

So when she did a roundup of the most underwhelming products of the year, people were dying to know her opinion. 

In the video titled "New products that suck... Fail," Westbrook held absolutely nothing back, calling out even the biggest brands out there on their recent releases. She also made it known several times throughout the video that most of the products were purchased rather than sent by PR. 

First, she ditched the new MAC High-Light powder.

"I was super hoping that the blush underneath would be just absolutely creamy and fabulous, but this is the weirdest blush shade. Like, I'm pretty fair," Westbrook said about the extremely fair blush shade. 

She also wasn't a fan of this Lorac palette. 

"The colors are nice. I mean, it's nothing to get too excited over," she said about the shimmer-filled colors. She also critiqued the packaging, which she said she was unimpressed with. Instead, she raved over Jeffree Star's newest Blue Blood palette. According to her, it's one of the few new "revolutionary" releases. 

She continued by speaking about her disdain for the new BECCA foundation.

"I'm not mad about it, I just really don't like this," she said. "I was like, 'Why is everyone losing their crap over this?'" She went on to read other people's product reviews that said the foundation emphasized pores and left a greasy finish. 

Then came the Beautyblender review. 

Now before you get confused, Tati has long used the makeup sponge brand in her tutorials. So it wasn't the product that she particularly found issue with, it was what she deemed a shady note that came with the mailer. 

Westbrook was suspicious about the timing of the mailer, seeing as Beautyblender sent her the mailer just after she posted a rave review of another brand's sponge.

"They say imitation is the highest form of flattery... Well, we are pretty damn flattered by all the wannabe applicators out there, but the QUEEN always shreds the competition. The first, the best, the original beautyblender," the note read. 

Westbrook didn't take too kindly to the shade and expressed that she felt the brand was on a high horse.

After venting about Beautyblender, she focused her attention on the new mystery Stila liquid eye shadows.

"I don't want a mystery, I'm just needing a little bit of gold," she said about the liquid shadows that look different on skin than they do in the packaging. Though a fan of the brand's past shadows, she said that the recent release, those quippy, isn't the most practical. 

Next, she described the not-so-great formula of the primer. 

"I was hoping that it would be a pore minimizer, not as thick as the Tarte pore filler. I did not like this. It did not smooth or blur as much as I needed it too," she said, describing the texture of the primer. 

And finally, she reluctantly reviewed the By Terry Lip Shines that were sent to her by the brand. 

"I really enjoy their foundation, some of their face products, liquid bronzer; they have beautiful stuff on the line, and it's all very luxurious, and it has this classic rose scent." And while she loves the formula, she said the overpowering scent was just too much to handle, even when it dries.