Anyone who knows me knows that I don't play around with my nails. I travel an hour or more every three weeks to trek to my faithful nail artists. We sit, spill tea, and conceptualize what innovative nail art we'll work on that day. Our inspiration comes from just about anything. From a vintage photo shoot to an outfit that caught my eye to a beautiful landscape, the options are endless. 

You'll probably never catch me with the the same design twice, and why would you? Nails are a nonpermanent form of expression that don't require too much commitment, like makeup or tattoos do. And while I'm inspired by the Pat McGrath Instagram feed, others are inspired by things a little less ordinary. 

Basically, strange beauty trends seem to be the ones that generate all the buzz. From squiggly brows to elaborate eye shadow art, we to love to gawk at the things we'll likely never try out ourselves. And nails are just one of the forms where strange expression can come to life. That's where Nail Sunny comes in.

Nail Sunny is the Russian nail salon that has taken over Instagram feeds with maxi pad manicures, hookah nails, crawfish claws, and even nails that give birth. Strange, I know, but people really can't look away. And as if Nail Sunny's wild imagination couldn't get any wilder, nails inspired by teeth are here, and they're freakishly real.