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Does anyone remember when nail artists started posting those tutorial videos on Instagram? I sure do, and I would sit for hours on my phone intrigued each time a dollop of nail polish was dropped in the small beaker of water, prepared to be perfectly wrapped around a nail bed. And I know I can't be the only one. 

Now the look is seeing a resurgence — on the hands of celebrities like Kylie Jenner and on the runway this Fashion Week at Christian Cowans Spring/Summer 2020 showcase in a style created with Dashing Diva. So go ahead, check out some inspo that will mesmerize you. Literally. 

Chaun Legend

Fans went crazy when the Los Angeles-based nail artist posted Kylie Jenner's nails earlier this summer. "Summertime Vibes @kyliejenner All done with Gel Polish … Drop some lollipops for a step by step tutorial!" he wrote. 

Ewa Wójcik

If you don't want to sit for several hours to get 10 full tie-dye nails, try out a few accent nails for an edgy and adorable touch.

Gabrela Harewood

The New York City nail artist was inspired by Rihanna's clothing brand for one of her latest nail designs. "Last manicure of the summer … RiRi made me do it," she said. 

Khristie Marie Walton

Neon nails that resemble a lava lamp? Sign us up! "Seen as though the sun has been shining today I want to repost these beauties from summer," this nail artist said of the design.

Rebecca Bernard

"W A T E R C O L O R S @apresnailofficial gel x set using @lechatnails gel polishes, painted on with my fingers! @polishednailsbybritt told me how to achieve this look and I love it!" this designer said of the products she used to make this look. 

Miss Yoshi Nails

This design makes cotton candy proud with these masterful tips! "Tie dye babies look like candy Done with all @prestogel @naillabousa," the caption read. 

Traci Ashley 

This nail tech enjoyed creating this look so much that she asked her clients to make the request even more! "Am I the only one obsessed with these!? More tye-dye requests please!" she begged.

Lux K

This Brooklyn-based wellness specialist and nail creator merged two different color waves for a masterful and intricate design. 

Tiny Luxury

Neon and decals sounds like a recipe for energetic nails! For our ladies who like to rock their natural lengths, this one's for you! 

Laura Galvan

When you want tie-dye, but you also want French tips. This coffin shape is so badass, we can't seem to turn away. "No filter. Lisa Frank vibes," this nail artist wrote. 

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