Why not just transform into Joe Exotic?

This Cleveland makeup artist did, and it was brilliant. "I couldn’t resist...my first “Celebrity “ transformation!" she captioned the photo. Exotic surely is the celebrity for the ages.

Some took a claw to the eye.

Some special FX makeup always brightens our day, and this bloody look is one of our favorites. "Give this a like if you love The Tiger King on @netflix  also Happy April Fools Day," this talented artist captioned the look.

There was a more subtle rendition.

This stylist darkened the brows, drew a beard, threw on a wig, and channeled his inner Exotic. We must admit, the look was spot-on.

Alexis Stone, however, won.

But come on, when doesn't she win? She nailed Exotic's entire look, from the wrinkles to the brow piercing. "CAROLE BASKIN IS AN EVIL BITCH!" the post was captioned.

Smoky eyes.

The smoky eye complemented with shades of gold made this Tiger Queen look one surely worth re-creating. "Watches Tiger King once... becomes the Tiger Queen, Baylee Exotic," this artist wrote about the look.

There was, of course, a hint of shimmer.

This mesmerizing look complete with tons of orange is a marvelous interpretation of a tiger. Complete with a shimmered cut-crease the look is one we're sure we'll see lots during Halloween this year.

And of course, there has to be some ripped skin. 

Remember that scene when Exotic's tiger almost took his foot off? While this look isn't that, we'd imagine it would be what it'd look like if a paw took a swipe to his face.