If you've never heard of TikTok, it's basically Gen Z's version of the millennial-driven video app Vine. The abbreviated videos allow content creators to comedically document just about anything, and recently, the trend of choice is 2000s-inspired makeup tutorials — quite ironic considering most TikTokers were born after the year 2000. 

The hilarious videos are full of butterfly clips, dark lip liner and eyeliner, thin brows, and retro camisoles — they'll have you dreaming of simpler times. 


Remember butterfly clips? That's all this 2000s chick was missing. However, what she didn't forget was the era's signature hairstyle. After parting the front of her hair into numerous sections, securing them with small rubber bands, and tying up the rest of the hair for a retro half-up, half-down style, the look was something straight out of an ’Nsync concert crowd. 

"Don't forget the pastel glittery butterfly clips! One of each color! We had horrible trends," a commenter said. 


This video creator, however, didn't forget the clips. With ultra-glossed lips, winged liner, and an old-school camisole to match, this #TBT moment provided us with some serious nostalgia. And for added detail, the TikToker also included French manicure press-ons and a cropped curly ’do. Go girl. 


While she mastered just about everything else, what this perfectly-arched influencer was missing was a thin, overplucked brow, and viewers noticed. 

"Loving the 2000s vibes, with the normal brows. Mine can’t grow back since overplucking them," someone said. But of course we're not ruining our brows for the sake of TikTok. 


Thanks to the heavy lip liner, butterfly clips, lightly curled hair, and dark liner around the eyes, this one is spot-on. And of course, all the eye shadow was applied solely using fingers because brushes are so 2010. 

"This reminds me of a Bratz doll," someone said of the sassy tutorial. So far, she's our favorite. 


Go big or go home — that was this TikToker's mission. Lining her lips with a deep brown liner and adding bright purple gloss, she went all the way, and we are living. She even drew on not one but three moles, emulating the old makeup trick we all used to rely on. 

Plus, she clipped her hair back with multiple bobby pins. Suddenly, we have the urge to take a trip back to 2001. Anyone got a time machine?


Remember when putting liquid liner just underneath the eye was a thing? Well, it's back. And while the makeup in this TikTok was spot-on, what stole our heart were the fashion choices. 

With a laced camisole, mini shoulder bag, and retro cool-girl glasses, this girl's look had everything we miss from the 2000s. She looked like something right out of a Limited Too catalog. 


"Watch me turn myself into a 2000s Latina babe," this TikToker said. With faux moles, a deep burgundy lip, and small glasses, the look was just about perfect. 

"This remind me of the girl in Zoey 101," someone compared. 

So are you feeling the old-school vibes? We sure are.