If you want to sparkle and glow like a moon goddess, I have incredible news: Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino is teasing a surprise collection of the most magical highlighters we've EVER seen.

Here they are: your first look at Too Faced's MAGICAL Love Light highlighters!

It looks like there will be three shades to start out with: a peachy rose gold, shiny true gold, and beige-silver.

If these magical highlighters are giving you major My Little Pony vibes — you're not alone. These faceted highlighters take me right back to my childhood.

photo: Giphy

Remember those ponies with the crystal eyes? That's EXACTLY what these highlighters remind me of.

And the packaging is JUST as amazing: a metallic, heart-shaped compact with a mirror in the lid.

Each compact will be a different color, based on the shade of highlighter inside — a cute touch which I'm obsessed with.

Best of all, we don't have long to wait — Jerrod says the Love Light highlighters drop in March!

It looks like they'll be launching along with brand new Melted Metal lip colors, and maybe even some *additional* Unicorn Tears products...?

We can't wait until March! We NEED these magical highlighters to glow like the radiant angels we are!

Hurry up, spring!

Are you excited for Too Faced's Love Light highlighters?

I need to get my hands on that silver one immediately FOR SCIENCE. Tell me your feelings in the comments, or over on Facebook!